03 May 2023

“We Must Fight for the Freedom to Write”

The Bookseller

27 Feb 2023

“Signs of the Times: Rising Conservatism in Kuwait”

The Markaz Review

02 Dec 2021

“A Year in Reading: Mai Al-Nakib”

The Millions

07 Jul 2021

“In Ruins: Reflections beyond Kuwait”

World Literature Today

06 Aug 2020

“I Banish You: Reflections on Kuwait”

BLARB: Blog of the LA Review of Books

30 Apr 2020

“Pandemic Invasion: Reflections from Kuwait”

World Literature Today

20 May 2019

“Seeing Stars: Kuwait Without Billboards”

Arab Times
p 13

10 Oct 2018

“Upon Learning That My Book Is Banned in Kuwait”

World Literature Today


“On Stars and Writing”

For the Love of Words
Dubai and London: Motivate, pp 117-18

29 May 2017

“Migratory Passages: Human, Literary, Planetary”

Arab Times
p 19

14 June 2016

“Nobody Matters: On the Perils and Pleasures of Anonymity”

Arab Times
p 3

Jan-Feb 2016

“Arab Literature: Politics and Nothing But?”

World Literature Today
pp 30-32


“Living and Writing in Kuwait: What Fiction Can Do”
Shifting Sands: The Unravelling of the Old Order in the Middle East
Eds. Raja Shehadeh and Penny Johnson

London: Profile Books, pp 145-59

3-5 Aug 2015

“Unity without Islamism in Kuwait”


1 July 2015

“Unity without Islamism in Kuwait”

Arab Times

8 July 2014

“Violence in Kuwait: A Sideways Reflection”

Arab Times

20 Nov 2002

“Faith and Fun”

Arab Times

11 Sept 2002

“Singular Futures: Thoughts on 9/11”

Arab Times