03 May 2023
Arab Digest Podcast
“Mai Al-Nakib: An Unlasting Home
with Bill Law
24 Apr 2023
Afikra Podcast
Episode 328: “Mai Al-Nakib, Kuwait, and An Unlasting Home
with Mikey Muhanna
10 Oct 2022
“New Texts Out Now: Mai Al-Nakib, An Unlasting Home
11 Sep 2022
Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books Podcast
Season 14, Episode 43:
“Mai Al-Nakib, An Unlasting Home
with Zibby Owens
06 May 2022
Eyes on Books
28 Apr 2022
“Belletrist Brief: Mai Al-Nakib”
27 Apr 2022
“Belletrist Stacks: Mai Al-Nakib”
15 Apr 2022
Electric Literature
Conversations: “A Saga About Three Generations of Kuwaiti Women Across the Middle East and America”
with Amy Omar
13 Apr 2022
Pop Fiction Women Podcast
Episode 175: “Complicated Conversations Series: Mai Al-Nakib & An Unlasting Home
31 Aug 2020
What's Betwixt Us Podcast
Episode 08: “Mai Al-Nakib on the Empathy of Words Written & Spoken”
with Lyssa Mandel
01 May 2017
with Marziah Rashid
07 Mar 2017
99.7 Radio Kuwait 
“The Drive Back”
with Ghadah Alkandari
30 Sep 2015
Manchester Literature Festival Blog
“Q&A: Mai Al-Nakib”
16 May 2015
“Coffee Klatsch: An Interview”
25 Feb 2015
Jeff Schechtman’s Specific Gravity
“What We Don’t See About the Middle East”
25 Feb 2015
The Times Kuwait
“Before and After the War”
23 Feb 2015
“‘The Thing Is To Be Light As Air’: An Interview”
with Elliott Colla
12 Feb 2015
Upfront on 94.1 KPFA
“The Power of Literature and Imagination”
with Linda Khoury
08 Feb 2015
GVH Live
“A Discussion with Author Mai Al-Nakib”
with Barrett Pinter
05 Feb 2015
Shay wa Nana on 89.3 FM WPFW
Radio Interview
with Zein El-Amine
(begins at 03:07)
01 Dec 2014
Bazaar Magazine
“Up Close and Personal”
01 Nov 2014
National Union of Kuwaiti Students Magazine
01 Nov 2014
Earthen Lamp Journal
13 Oct 2014
Sur la Terre
“Inside the Writer’s Mind”
with Laura Hamilton
07 Oct 2014
Sunday Night Safran on Triple J/ABC
Radio Interview
with John Safran and Father Bob Maguire
(begins at 01:01:30)
29 Sep 2014
Arab Times
“Literature Has Ability to Humanize”
with Cinatra Fernandes
25 Jul 2014
ArabLit Blog
“Mai Al-Nakib and Writing Histories: ‘That’s Not Our Version of Things. How Dare She?’”
with Marcia Lynx Qualey
10 May 2014
The National
“Mai Al-Nakib’s Collection Captures Her Hopes for the Middle East”
with Ben East
30 Apr 2014
City Pages
with Kinda Al-Faris
27 Apr 2014
The Tanjara
“Shining a Light on the Short Stories of Mai Al-Nakib”
with Susannah Tarbush
21 Apr 2014
The Times Kuwait
“Uncovering the Beauty of Objects”
with Christina Pinto
05 Apr 2014
The Weekend Show on KTV2
with Sarah Glubb
28 Mar 2014
Kuwait Times
with Nada Faris