19 May 2022
“My Top 10: Mai Al-Nakib's Favorite Books"
18 Apr 2022
The Week
“Mai Al-Nakib Recommends 6 Books that Play with Memory and Time”
21 Apr 2018
BBC World Service
“Shattered Island”
The Cultural Frontline
(begins at 15:00)
12 Apr 2017
Arab Times
“Censorship Has Negative Effect on Literature”
by Cinatra Fernandes
28 Aug 2016
BBC World Service
“Life Imitates Art”
The Cultural Frontline 
(begins at 14:50)
27 Feb 2016
BBC World Service
“Fiction in Times of Crisis”
The Cultural Frontline 
(begins at 11:50)
13 Nov 2015
BBC Radio 4
“Playing with Bombs”
New Writing from the Arab World
23 Apr 2015
“Amerika’s Box”
30 Mar 2015
“Amerika’s Box”
The Author’s Corner
25 Mar 2015
The American Library in Paris
“Evening with an Author”
15 Mar 2015
Global Art Forum 9
“Forever Paper”
(begins at 15:10)
03 Mar 2015
Al-‘Arabi Al-Jadid
“Novel Fever and Cure”
by Amara Lakhous
11 Feb 2015
Brown University
“Fiction and the Quotidian in Kuwait”
09 Feb 2015
Ron Hogan’s Beatrice
“Mai Al-Nakib Looks at Men in the Sun
28 Aug 2014
The National
“‘Middle-Eastern Writer’ Is a Tricky Term”
by Malcolm Forbes
12 Aug 2014
Edinburgh International Book Festival
“Mai Al-Nakib and Tom Barbash—Champions of the Short Story”
11 Mar 2009
Pecha Kucha Night #1: Kuwait
“The People Are Missing”